The author was born in 1979 in the Czech Republic. In her documentaries she´s mainly focused on social topics, life of minorities and socially excluded or rejected groups and individuals, using photography as a medium for telling their stories. She also studies through pictures the mutual relationship between people and their places, the way how they influence each other and create an unique genius loci, which she tries to capture.

Aside this works the author on her authentic visual poetry, based on own life go throughs and deeply personal emotional experiences, visualized in a form of lyrical poem-like photographic series.





2013 - FOTOACADEMIE Erste jaar eindexamenexpositie (group exhibition), Rotterdam, The Netherlands


2015 - FOTOACADEMIE Eindexamenexpositie (group exhibition), Amsterdam, The Netherlands


2015 - AIM2015 FOTOACADEMIE Eindexamen (group exhibition), Loods 6, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


2015 - NEW Dutch Photography talent (group exhibition), Art´otel Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2016 - PH21 Gallery  (group exhibition) – Black and White 2016, Budapest, Hungary

2016 - "Me, Refugee" (solo exhibition), Filmtheater Kriterion, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2016 - "Me, Refugee" (solo, touring exhibition), Autonomní sociální cenrum Klinika, Prague, Czech Republic  

2016 - "Unseen Dummy Award" exhibition (group exhibition), Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2017 -  "Unseen Dummy Award" exhibition (group exhibition), Orari d’apertura ART CITY, Bologna, Italy





2013 - Časopis FOTO (č.9), str. 26 - 27.


2015 - Photographic Museum of Humanity, online portfolio.


2015 - Lens Culture, online portfolio.


2015 - New Dawn, online.


2015 - New Dawn, online portfolio,


2015 - Float Photo Magazine, online portfolio.!jana-plavec/c1p8f


2015 - Der Greif, Guest-Room: Erik Kessels, online exhibition.


2015 - GUP NEW 2016 (New Photo Dutch Photography Talent 2016). page 190 - 193.


2016 - Tijdschrift Ei, portfolio.


2016 - Der Greif, Guest-Room: Ann-Christin Bertrand, online exhibition.

2016 - Der Greif, Guest-Room: Krzysztof Candrowicz, online exhibition.


2015 - Winner of "Fotoacademie portfolio dag" for the best school portfolio

2016 - Unseen Dummy Award, shortlisted with the book "Windows of Chanov"





2015 - "Windows of Chanov" book (dummy)



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